How the ISITometer will Save the World<br />

I have been reaching out to Liv Boeree for some help with the ISITometer project, since everything she talks about tells me she will get it, and she was kind enough to respond with some helpful advice: Reduce the presentation down to an elevator pitch size of 200 words or less. 

Challenge accepted. Here you go:

The ISITometer will save the World by accomplishing the following critical objectives:

  • Develop a simple, neutral Model of Reality that will Unify Humanity around rationality, logic and consensus
  • Based on this consensus Model of Reality, establish a framework for Human/AI aAlignment
  • Establish a sustainable, worldwide Universal Basic Income (UBI)

The ISITometer is a gamified polling platform that enables players to collaboratively develop a consensus model of Reality based on the ISIT Construct.

The ISIT Construct is a new representation of the Prime Duality that is neutral and free of antiquated cultural references. It adds a new set of symbols to the current panoply of familiar sets:

  • Yin|Yang
  • God|Devil
  • Heaven|Hell
  • Atman|Brahman
  • Masculine|Feminine
  • Ideal|Real (Plato)
  • Mind|Body (Descarte)
  • Etc.

By associating concepts and objects to the ISIT Construct through a series of polls, starting with the highest levels of abstraction and working our way out into a virtually infinite array of derivative details, we will collaboratively develop a platform and ‘Wisdombase’ that can unite Humanity (to a significant degree), provide a framework for the alignment of AI and Humanity, and provide a limitless amount of meaningful work that can be done by any Human Being.

To learn more about the ISITometer: