Want to know something really bizarre about the concept of duality, or dualism? Well, it’s actually something really bizarre about our civilization. Allow me to explain.

Most humans have an innate sense that the concept of duality is fundamental to our existence. How could we not? It’s woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, and has been as long as we’ve existed. We can easily list examples of duality:

  • Life/Death
  • Male/Female 
  • Mind/Body
  • Right Brain/Left Brain
  • Day/Night

And the list goes on. These aren’t trivial concepts. They define the very nature of our Reality. 

Not surprisingly, Duality forms the basis or is deeply incorporated into virtually every major religion. Whether it is God and the Devil in Christianity, Yin and Yang in Taoism, or Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine, Duality inevitably provides a baseline structure for understanding the Reality that we all share. 

We sense at a core level the significance of Duality.

So how do we, as a civilization, collectively define this fundamental aspect of Reality? 

We don’t! 

How you define the ultimate duality, if you consider it at all, probably stems from the religion you inherited or social structure you live in. Or it’s some vague notions woven together in your mind from your myriad life experiences. For most people, it’s probably a mix — an amalgam of prevailing wisdom mixed with personal experience and intuition. 

So… in terms of this most profound construct imaginable — the ultimate Duality that defines Creation — after all these millenia of civilization, we don’t have a shared concept of what that is.  

Think about that. 

Is there any wonder that our world is so full of confusion and conflict? We can’t even agree on the simplest, most elementary concept. And it only gets more complicated from there. 

The ISITometer is a tool that will allow us to collectively — collaboratively — develop a crystal clear definition of this Prime Duality. Once we have done this, we will have accomplished something in a matter of months that Humanity has not been able to achieve in thousands of years. 

I realize that is an audacious statement to make. Yet, in light of that awareness, I feel compelled to boldly reassert that claim. 

The ISITometer is revolutionary. It’s beyond Dualism. I refer to the Principles of ISIT as a Binary Model of Reality, rather than a Dualistic model. 

Dualism has a somewhat checkered reputation as a philosophical framework. I think that’s because it is so conflated with the concept of Polarity. In a continuum such as light-dark or hot-cold, there are theoretical poles at the end of those spectra, and these extremes tend to form the basis for each dual force.

That’s unsatisfying, because you realize you aren’t really talking about two separate fundamental concepts — you’re just talking about variances on a single concept. 

The ISITometer solves the Fuzzy Duality problem by establishing a mechanism for defining the ultimate Binary Model of Reality. This is a modern model of Reality that leverages all the knowledge, wisdom, and technology we have collectively acquired — and it has the potential to change the world.

I encourage you to keep looking into the ISITometer. If you haven’t gone through the ISITometer Prototype yet, that’s probably the best way to get it.