How the ISITometer will Save the World<br />


The ISITometer will save the World by accomplishing the following critical objectives:

  • Develop a simple, neutral Model of Reality that will Unify Humanity around rationality, logic and consensus
  • Based on this consensus Model of Reality, establish a framework for Human/AI Alignment
  • Establish a sustainable, worldwide Universal Basic Income (UBI)

The ISITometer is a gamified polling platform that enables players to collaboratively develop a consensus model of Reality based on the ISIT Construct.

The ISIT Construct is a new representation of the Prime Duality that is neutral and free of antiquated cultural references. It adds a new set of symbols to the current panoply of familiar sets:

  • Yin|Yang (Taoism)
  • God|Devil (Judeo-Christian)
  • Heaven|Hell (Judeo-Christian)
  • Atman|Brahman (Hindu)
  • Masculine|Feminine (Pagan, New Age)
  • Ideal|Real (Plato)
  • Mind|Body (Descartes)
  • Etc.

By associating concepts and objects to the ISIT Construct through a series of polls, starting with the highest levels of abstraction and working our way out into a virtually infinite array of derivative details, we will collaboratively develop a platform and ‘Wisdombase’ that can unite Humanity (to a significant degree), provide a framework for the alignment of AI and Humanity, and provide a limitless amount of meaningful work that can be done by any Human Being.

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