Is the ISITometer a cult?!

I was blown away when Alexander Beiner and Liv Boeree started talking about the possibility of a new type of religion emerging out of the zeitgeist to radically shift the course of Human events on a Rebel Wisdom video. 

They were talking about the ISITometer!

The ISITometer is a gamified poling platform that allows people to collectively develop a consensus Model of Reality based on a completely new approach to the concept of Duality: The ISIT Construct. 

The ISIT Construct uses the symbols ‘IS’ and ‘IT’ to represent the Prime Duality upon which a logical framework for the representation of all of Reality can be based. ISITometer players start by sorting highly abstract dualities and polarities (e.g. verb|noun, active|passive, light|dark, etc.) in order to arrive at a consensus on this fundamental point. 

The ISITometer game layer expands from there, as players evaluate highly abstract concepts such as numbers, geometry, colors, archetypes, symbols, and then spiral out from there into all forms of objects and events within the scope of Collective Consciousness. The ISITometer Platform allows players/members to engage with each other in a vibrant, yet private and secure community. 

To date, the role of explaining the ultimate nature of Reality and providing a community for people who care about such things has generally been the domain of organized religions. These institutions are based on ancient wisdom, but also on antiquated notions that have gradually built up and calcified over the course of thousands of years. There have only been a handful of religions formed in the last 200 years, and people are flocking away from traditional religions in droves.

But what are they flocking to? The alternatives to organized religions have been either: 

  1. The ‘spiritual but not religious’ crowd that gravitated to Emerson and Thoreau in the 1800s, to the New Thought movement of the early 1900s, to New Age in the late 1900s, to the Law of Attraction in the early 2000s, to whatever the movement is called now; 
  2. Atheists, who seem to be a mix of those who genuinely see the Universe as a closed system with an ultimate termination point, after which all will be null and void, and those who simply oppose the personification of the Ultimate Source and other trappings imposed by most traditional religions;
  3. Nones — Those who have little interest in contemplating such matters, which is possibly the largest group of all.

The ISITometer offers a new alternative that will appeal to people across the full spectrum of current belief systems. It is perfectly compatible with all existing religions. Rather than replacing any established religions, the ISITometer will serve as a template to allow all religions to reconcile with each other — a kind of Universal Translator for philosophical and spiritual belief systems. 

ISITometer will be based on logic, science, and the consensus of millions, or even billions of players based on our collective understanding of Human events right up to the present moment, which will appeal to rational people who may come to realize that their rejection of institutional religion has caused them to throw the baby (spiritual awareness) out with the bathwater. 

By leveraging the power of Game Theory, AI, blockchain, and social engineering, we can attract the masses of people who are drifting aimlessly through life and engage them in a collaborative project to produce the clearest, most complete representation of the ultimate nature of Reality the world has ever seen. 

Once developed, this Model of Reality can provide us with guidance about how to navigate the complicated corridors of everyday life while adding clarity to Life’s most fundamental questions, like Who or What is God? What happens when we die? And what is the meaning of Life?

And best of all, the ISITometer will grant Liv Boeree her wish — It will be Fun!!

The ISITometer — like Life itself — is a game. It is intended to be engaging, challenging, intriguing, inspiring, enlightening, rewarding, and FUN. 

So is The ISITometer intended to be a cult? 

I’ll save that question for another day. As it is, the ISITometer is little more than the plans and visions of a single person — I, the humble hermit Mentor.

Kinda hard to have a cult with just one member. 😂

We can return to this question once I’ve managed to gain a few followers.

To learn more, check out the ISITometer Prototype.