I had been contemplating the ‘IT IS Philosophy’ for nearly two decades before I finally had a series of breakthrough realizations.

I had originally conceived of the ‘IT IS Philosophy’ as a kind of binary model of Reality. Just the way computer logic can ultimately be reduced to 1s and 0s, I inferred that all of Reality reduces in the same manner, which is ultimately what Duality is all about. 

I felt that I was approaching the most profound representation of the nature of Reality, but I wasn’t sure about how to communicate this insight to others. After all, sages have been describing the ultimately duality of Creation for millennia. Who was I to claim that I could provide any further insight? And who would pay any attention if I did? 

Still, I felt compelled to do what I could. So at one point I started trying to develop an organization that I called the Church of ISITism. I really had no interest in forming any kind of religion or cult, but I did feel like I should try to express the deep spiritual aspect of this wisdom. 

However, the few people I told about the Church of ISITism had a negative reaction to the idea, and combined with my own personal aversion to cult-like thinking and behavior, I eventurally abandoned that approach. 

Around this time I had been reading the book ‘Going Clear’ about the Church of Scientology. I was struck by their approach to recruiting new members through their use of a device called an ‘eMeter’. 

The eMeter is a device that is basically a lie detector that measures physiological changes and gives feedback. Scientology ‘auditors’ ask a series of questions to a subject, and based on their physiological responses registered by the eMeter, the auditor pursues lines of inquiry intended to expose deep psychological or spiritual trauma of the subject. 

Though I considered the Church of Scientology to be a toxic cult, I couldn’t deny that the eMeter was a very effective tool for engaging people in the program. 

I had already been contemplating a kind of game to introduce the concept gradually by allowing people to interactively discover it for themselves. And that’s when the name ISITometer occurred to me. 

Over the years I had learned some skills as a web application developer, and I started writing code for the application. I was dealing with extreme financial difficulties, as I have throughout my entire life, and I just couldn’t afford to pay real programmers. So I plugged away at it with my rudimentary skills, until a series of technical and personal challenges sidelined that project. 

Eventually, I settled on the solution of using a WordPress website with the WPForms plugin as a platform on which I could at least develop a prototype of the ISITometer. This platform was extremely tedious to work with, but I kept working on it in the margins of my time as I continued my ongoing struggle for survival. 

Eventually I got the ISITometer to a point where I felt it was certainly adequate to convey the profundity of the model to those with the Awareness to recognize it. But for some reason, I still felt extreme hesitance to share it with the world. 

Though mentally/logically, I believed the model was complete enough to introduce to the world, still I hesitated. I would find a million reasons to stall on the project, which I came to realize were rooted in my deep-seated psychological or emotional blocks. 

It also didn’t help that I had decided to remain anonymous and present myself only as my Mentor avatar. I had no following and no funds to advertise. So I knew any promotion would just involve me posting this completely new and unique concept manually wherever I could, hoping that others would recognize the significance of it and propagate it.

I spent years in this conflicted, liminal state in which my personal issues had me convinced that I was wasting my time and energy on a futile project that few people would ever appreciate, and yet the concepts kept coalescing into greater clarity, compelling me to keep trying. 

My determination to overcome my own doubts and issues grew over time, and I was getting very close to making the leap, when something of incredible significance happened that pushed me and the project over the line. That thing was ChatGPT.