The ISIT Construct is a modern approach to the fundamental concepts of duality and polarity. Instead of relying on metaphors like Yin|Yang, God|Devil, Order|Chaos, and all the others that evolved over the centuries in ancient religions and philosophies, the ISIT Construct establishes a new Prime Duality based on the symbols IS and IT.

In this model, the symbol IS represents the animating force that makes everything go. IT reflects the inert form through which IS flows. From this starting point, the ISIT Construct provides a path to map all of Reality from the highest level of abstraction to as much detail as we choose to explore.

With the Prime Duality firmly established, the ISIT Construct proceeds to relate highly abstract concepts to the model, such as numbers, geometry, physics, colors, music, alphabets, language, archetypes, and others in a taxonomy that extends from the highest level of abstraction to derivative details.

The ISIT Construct introduces the concept of Objective Reality, which holds that everything in Reality can be abstractly defined as an Object that exhibits the 10 Immutable Laws of Objects, starting with the First Law which is that all Objects ultimately consist of IS and IT. IS does not exist in Reality other than as it relates to some ITistic structure. And IT can not exist in Reality without being animated by IS.

The ISIT Construct is itself an ITistic model that is designed to point the way and guide people to the ultimate Truth about Absolute Infinite One. This is a critical factor that bears elaboration.

We exist in a relative, 3-D Reality, and the vast majority of people seem to be firmly rooted in their belief that this is the ultimate reality. Even a large percentage of religious people actually perceive Reality in this way, seeing God as a being with various attributes and preferences, and Heaven as a place where He and his many followers can dwell together, but not the many others who go to a different place.

This isn’t intended as a criticism of any faith or belief system. It simply is what it is. We are embedded in this relative reality and it seems extremely real to us. This mindset is expressed perfectly by none other than the fictional character Conan the Barbarian:

“Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me.”

— Conan the Barbarian


But most people don’t seem to give the concept as much thought as Conan. They are absorbed in the details of their own lives and don’t see the forest for the trees.

From their perspective, it is the woo woo philosophers who are living in a fantasy world. They don’t take all of this talk about enlightenment and transformation seriously. And their position is validated every day by cold, hard, undeniable facts.

The ISIT Construct is a tool designed to lead people who are inclined to think in terms of logic and science inexorably to the conclusion that even though their materialistic mindset is valid, there is an Absolute Awareness underlying it all, and that understanding this Truth is the path to to more peace, joy and love in their life.